Continual forward progress.

Marketing. Branding. Creative Design. Community Leadership.

Of the many skills I can bring to your organization, perhaps the most important is the commitment I have to continual forward progress.  Not content to rest on programs that seem successful, I'm always looking for ways to lead my team to dig deeper.  I'm an agile-thinker with an enormous passion for learning, and I'm ready to bring my skills to bare in an industry that I truly believe in. 

I know that my strong work ethic, outgoing personality, commitment to quality, creative enthusiasm and relevant experience can be a valued addition to your organization. 

About This Website: My website gives you an overview of my current position, insight into what I am like on a personal level,  and links to a gallery of my work.  To view project details, click on any photo within the gallery. To request my freelance design pricing or for a full copy of my resume, please use the form on my Contact Me page. 


My Current Position

Marketing Director for Kirlin's Hallmark: The Largest Independent Hallmark Retailer in the US

Marketing Director for Kirlin’s Hallmark | June 2009 - Present
I am currently the Marketing Director for largest Hallmark Gold Crown chain in the USA with locations in
9 midwestern states.  This is a broad position which encompasses 4 major areas: 

Communications Strategy and Analytics Based Marketing

  • Multi-channel marketing targeted to a database of over 1.5M people in 9 states including direct mail, catalogs, email, web     presence, social media, SMS text marketing and more
  • Employed advanced UPC tracking to maximize budget allocations by using data-driven consumer segmentation 
  • Leveraged CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions to offer seamless branding, points of contact 
  • Increased avg. participation in Kirlin’s Hallmark Loyalty Program to 65% vs. 49% national avg. for all Hallmark stores

Targeting and Media Buys/Budgeting

  • Optimized targeting to deliver above industry average returns and drive sales. 
  1.  Holiday Greeting Card: 17.1% return, $38 IAT (Individual Average Transaction), and $1.62M in total sales
  2.  Holiday Catalog Offer: 11% return, $39 IAT, $1.1M in total sales
  3.  Kirlin’s Anniversary Mailer: 14% return, $33 IAT $444K in total sales
  4.  Keepsake Ornament Premiere Mailer: 12.3% return, $178 IAT and $892K in total sales
  • Managed and reported to our board on an annual discretionary budget of $750K 
  • Negotiated with vendors shrink expenditures by  4.9% year over year which allowed me to fully fund my roll out for a brand new SMS Text Marketing program without adding to my budget

Branding and Graphic Design

  • Graphic design and layout of direct mail, catalog mailers, in-store signage, posters, digital and social media
  • Maintained strict branding for Kirlin’s Hallmark and for all affiliated licences and trademarks used in our stores including Disney, NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, Marvel, Mattel, Peanuts and more 
  • Developed and modernized the look of in-store signs and sale communication to match our brand

New Media, Web, and Social Media

  • Transformed Kirlin’s outdated media plan with a redesigned website, Facebook and Twitter integration, 
  • Pinterest compatibility and an SMS text program 
  • Instituted SMS Text Marketing Program and grew to 26,000 subscribers in under a year 
  • Delivered a Text Open Rate of 98% and generated over $1M in sales in my program’s first year

Please click the links above for portfolio samples for my work in Direct Mail Marketing, Email and Web Marketing and more.  Each piece includes a detailed description of the associated project and the impact it has had on my company.

Past Positions

Campaign Director for US House of Representatives Campaign | May 2015 - September 2015

  • Crafted social media strategy, updated and managed website, designed and deployed emails
  • Scheduled all media requests, coached and crafted speech messaging, wrote press releases and made all media buys
  • Graphically designed all media including donor requests, direct mail and yard signs
  • Created the momentum to help my candidate come from behind to win the primary with 60% of the vote.
  • Articulated my candidate’s positions in written questionnaires from media to gain endorsements from Chicago Tribune, Peoria Journal Star and Springfield Register
  • Secured a nearly-scuttled NBC debate which regionally preempted prime-time TV by creating media buzz and pressure
  • Garnered 11% more votes than any democrat in the district in 80 years despite being outspent 1200:1 (lost election) 

    To view my complete resume and all past positions, please request one from my Contact Me page.